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Extinguished Countries is the first guidebook series about countries that no longer exist. Instead of following today’s borders, we take you on a journey through time and space to lost kingdoms, republics and empires, searching for what might unite us rather than what divides us.
It’s an editorial project launched in March 2020 by  Italian journalist Giovanni Vale and financed through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. It’s published by Zagreb-based publishing house Paper Boat Stories and the first book, about the Republic of Venice, was published in May 2021.

From the crowdfunding campaign to the first guidebook

In March 2020, in just three weeks, some 600 people backed Extinguished Countries on Kickstarter, and we raised more than 25.000 euros, almost three times the initial goal. With those funds we were able to turn years of research into the first guidebook to a country that no longer exists: the Republic of Venice.

Shot between Zagreb and Šibenik in Croatia, where the impressive St. Nicholas’ Fortress is located, our crowdfunding video sums up the adventure of Extinguished Countries and the aim of the project:

Do you want to know more about Extinguished Countries? In this interview for Atlas Obscura, Giovanni Vale recounts how the project started: The Republic of Venice Died in 1797. Now You Can Visit It.

Our team

Giovanni Vale – Journalist, Zagreb correspondent for numerous Italian and international media outlets and author of eight travel guides for various European publishers. Giovanni conceived and created Extinguished Countries and wrote the texts for this guide. Twitter: @giov_vale.

Hrvoje Živčić – Croatian typographer and graphic designer, and author of various typeface designs and editorial projects. Hrvoje designed the logo, visual identity and layout of the book.

Paul Prescott – Award-winning photographer and filmmaker and founder of Amazing Aerial Agency and WE’RE THOSE production company. Paul directed the Extinguished Countries crowdfunding video.
Ivana Pogačić – Interpreter and translator of English, French and Croatian, Ivana co-conceived Extinguished Countries, supervised the production of the guide and translated most of the book into English.

Iva Hrvatin – A Croatian designer, Iva usually works on serious total brand design projects, but occasionally likes to express herself with humorous drawings. She designed the maps and illustrations.

Felipe Trentini Ullmann – Brazilian filmmaker, on the road since 2017. Felipe has cycled and filmed over 8,000 km across Europe, and he shot the Extinguished Countries crowdfunding video.

Julien Trambouze – Journalist at Radio France, author of radio reports for RFI and RTS, ecology expert and teacher of radio journalism. Julien produced the Extinguished Countries podcast.
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