We created two podcasts that tell the stories of our guidebook to the Republic of Venice. You can listen to both of them for free on all podcast platforms, or by clicking to the links here below.
The Republic of Venice in pills – Our first podcast recorded in 2020 consists of 8 episodes of 5-6 minutes. In each episode, a story from the time of the Republic of Venice is developed through a short interview with an expert. Where was Marco Polo born? Where does the world “ghetto” come from? Are there still pirates in the Adriatic Sea? Find out the answers in our podcast on SoundCloud.

The podcast is available in English, French and Italian.
Cycling across the Republic of Venice – Our second podcast recorded in spring 2021 is a journey through Northern Italy and the former territories of the Serenissima. In June 2021, Giovanni Vale and Julien Trambouze cycled from Bergamo to Venice, telling stories from the past and the present, and giving useful tips to organize a visit. Prepare for a fresh, fun, and adventurous podcast on the road!

The podcast is available in English on Spreaker and all other platforms.
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