The Republic of Venice Died in 1797. Now You Can Visit It.

A thousand years of history. Seven countries. One trip. 

Our common past
is your future destination

How about spending your next holidays in a country that no longer exist? Extinguished Countries is the first ever guidebook series about countries that no longer exist. We start with the Republic of Venice, a journey that takes you to Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Cyprus.

At a time when Europe is experiencing resurgent nationalism, these guidebooks propose an alternative point of view. Instead of following today’s borders, they take you on a journey through time and space to lost kingdoms, republics and empires, searching for what might unite us rather than what divides us.

This is not a nostalgic or revisionist expedition, but on the contrary a documented, fun and unusual journey to understand different interpretations of a common past. Each book is the result of hundreds of interviews and summarises the history and heritage of the extinguished country with maps and illustrations, interviews and recipes.

A very unusual guidebook

The Republic of Venice is a story of maritime routes, spice trade and naval battles. A journey that takes you to Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Cyprus. 

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A pocket time machine... in mp3.

Discover the best stories from the Republic of Venice listening to the Extinguished Countries podcast. Eight episodes about eight places in the former Serenissima. Free to listen online or to download.

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