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The map/poster of the Republic of Venice

The map with all the territories once part of the Serenissima, plus a timeline with the main events and a selection of stories from our book! Dimensions: 100 cm x 70 cm. Price: 19,24 euros.



Republic of Venice - the poster

From the early Middle Ages until the cusp of the 19th century, the epic story of the Serenissima spanned over a thousand years. During this long period, the map of the Republic varied greatly, following the course of military victories and defeats. Here are the main territories controlled by Venice during its history, while below you will find some visit suggestions from the first ever guide to the Republic of Venice.

Extinguished Countries is an editorial project launched in 2020 with a crowdfunding campaign. Its aim is to take the reader back in time to lost kingdoms, republics and empires, discovering various layers of our identity. The book is available in English and Italian.

Giovanni Vale (Gemona del Friuli, Italy, 1987) is an Italian journalist and writer. Since 2014 he has been working as a Balkan correspondent for several Italian and foreign newspapers (Il Piccolo, La Croix, RSI…). He is the creator of Extinguished Countries.

Technical details

Dimensions: 100 cm x 70 cm

Price: 19,24 €


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