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Apples’ swirl

The first detailed text on the preparation of strudel, specifically apple strudel, dates back to 1827 and can be found in the“Great Viennese cookbook” by Anna Dorn. In the text, Dorn calls the cake Apfelstrudel, or ‘apple swirl’. The actual origin of the cake, however, does not have such definite roots: Strudel in fact originated… Continue reading Apples’ swirl

Mr Sacher’s successful cake

Hotel Sacher Wien

The Sachertorte is a delicious chocolate cake, originally conceived by the young Franz Sacher back on 9 July 1832 in Vienna, Austria, for Prince Klemens von Metternich. This exquisite creation came to life during the Restoration period, when Franz Sacher, already a great chocolate enthusiast, was also an apprentice pastry chef under the Austrian chancellor.… Continue reading Mr Sacher’s successful cake

Imperial dumplings

Becoming hugely popular during the Habsburg Empire, the delicious Knödel and Kloß date back to the 18th century. The influence of the Habsburg Empire played a crucial role in spreading the concept, making these dumplings a cherished part of cultural heritage in neighboring countries. In Poland, chefs prepare Kluski kartoflane, while the Czech Republic people… Continue reading Imperial dumplings