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Our interview with Croatian HRT

Giovanni Vale and Ivana Pogacic

We spoke about Extinguished Countries and the upcoming guidebook to the Habsburg Empire with Croatian public television HRT. The programme that interviewed our own Giovanni Vale and Ivana Pogačić is Alpe Dunav Jadran. At this address you can find the video of the episode, recorded in our offices in Zagreb and near the Croatian National… Continue reading Our interview with Croatian HRT

Our interview with Tportal

Tportal interview screenshot

The Croatian portal Tportal came to meet us at our office in Zagreb to talk to us about the upcoming book on the Habsburg Empire and the Extinguished Countries project in general. They were also particularly interested in when a guide to Yugoslavia will come out… You can read the full interview (in Croatian) here.

10 Years of Kliofest

In the days of classical Greece, the first of the nine muses of the arts was Clio (or Kleio), the muse of history. It is to her that Zagreb’s history festival, Kliofest, owes its name. Kliofest was conceived by Damir Agičić, professor of history at the University of Zagreb and founder, along with Magdalena Najbar-Agičić of… Continue reading 10 Years of Kliofest