10 Years of Kliofest

In the days of classical Greece, the first of the nine muses of the arts was Clio (or Kleio), the muse of history. It is to her that Zagreb’s history festival, Kliofest, owes its name. Kliofest was conceived by Damir Agičić, professor of history at the University of Zagreb and founder, along with Magdalena Najbar-Agičić of… Continue reading 10 Years of Kliofest

The Habsburg’s boat return

The city-fortress of Palmanova is well known to us at Extinguished Countries and to our eager readers. But how many of you know that, some 300 km further east, there is another star-shaped city? A city that was attacked by the Ottoman Empire six times, and managed to repel it just as many times? We… Continue reading The Habsburg’s boat return

Yugo-journey: A Road Trip Across Former Yugoslavia

The story of Yugoslavia is a fascinating one, full of unique cultural and societal complexities.  This now “extinguished” country was once an unparalleled example of coexistence, bringing together different cultures, religions, and languages to create a distinctive and rich blend of art, music, and movies.  But although many academics and Yugoslavia enthusiasts are familiar with… Continue reading Yugo-journey: A Road Trip Across Former Yugoslavia